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the road to NY

What a wonderful road it was too. A little bumpy at times but most of the time it was a hoot. The swells (mountains) were sometimes a little scary but if you didn't look back it was OK.
Omuramba was the best boat. A Sparkman and Stevens designed Swan 43ft with a tiny 11ft beam. All single berths. A gentleman's racer. I bought her from Brent Sender of RCYC fame and she won a bunch of races. Trouble is, I just never wanted them to stop. I saw her a while back in Red Hook Bay, St Thomas and she was looking good. A real ocean boat. Jessica Scott, Spider (Kitty) Davis, Miles Johnson and Ollie Nurock were crew.
PH&G logo & artwork is a Dennis Skouse (RIP) design. Airbrushing of my actual jacket by the brilliant Syd Brak.