peter heath
Virgo Voyager

Virgo Voyager

These pics of a sister ship show the stub and bilge keels. Down below she has standing room for a 6ft person. Pretty wild. The engine is a Yanmar 1GM10 single cylinder Diesel Engine bought 13/01/2000 and seems pretty reliable.
Other specs are:
L.O.A. 23.00ft / 7.01m
L.W.L. 19.83ft / 6.04m AM
Beam 2.54m
Draft 4.00ft / 1.22m
Displacementt 4410 lbs / 2000kgs
Ballast 2205 lbs / 1000 kgs
Ballast Disp. 50.00%
She has a full wardrobe, squabs, lines, tools, dodger, awning etc.