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. . so 'sell the combi time' became sell the house time and so on. Some dear friends, Patric von Blerk and Charles Coetzee came to the rescue. Charlie (recalled very fondly in Rabbitt's hit of the same name - see June, 07) very generously lent me several grand in cash so we could buy film stock for the next Grey Phillips production. We blew it all on stock and were still left penniless. After visiting several banks, cap-in-hand, I finally got 'factored' by Nedbank. The interest rate was high but they also introduced me to one of their clients who pounced on the opportunity to finance us with a ton of operating capital (TV was around the corner). Next the ever-so-charming David Baker came on board. With Charlie repaid and our brand new partners we moved forward in great strides. Next . . .