peter heath
Peter Heath

Like a train

Aldebaran, a Swan 41 bought in Connecticut, designed By Sparkman and Stevens in New York and built by Nautor in 1972 in a yard in Jakobstad (Pietarsaari), Finland. That's my good friend Darren at the helm and I shot the picture from an ultralight thingy with a lawnmower engine. Not the best platform but it's all that was available.
She was probably my best boat but she developed a nasty problem. While I was sailing down from New York to Saint Barth's a bulkhead split and a dimple appeared in the hull. When I finally arrived after days of watching the split open and shut in the heavy seas, I had a few friends help me with the repairs. At the next survey the fix passed as A1. I sold Aldebaran shortly thereafter and she's still in the water and has completed yet another circumnavigation.
Good fix.