peter heath
Peter Heath & Gang

freezers - the start

The first film company I started in Johannesburg. We rented a few recently vacated, dank and rat-infested freezers in Market Cold House in Newtown. They were cavernous. The walls were insulated with real cork and sturdy steel rails, originally used for moving whole hanging carcasses around, hung from the ceilings. They were just perfect for hanging lights and flats. John Holmes, Rod Stewart and Sarah Bermeister were all in it up to their eyebrows. We won a few awards for Elna Press, Flymo Lawnmowers and Yellow Pages and I made my first ever music video for Margaret Singana a.k.a. "Lady Africa". Life in Market Cold House was an absolute hoot 'til 'sell the Combi time' hit us. We lent a client a whole bunch of cash and they defaulted. More . .