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Omuramba BG

A Swan 43, designed By Sparkman and Stevens in New York and built by Nautor in 1972 in a yard just short of the Arctic Circle, in Jakobstad (Pietarsaari), Finland. This pic was taken with the previous owner (Brent Sender) on board just off Cape Town. After I bought Omuramba we raced her for a year, then sailed her to the Caribbean, then on to New York, then back to the Caribbean, then back to NY and up and down several times and finally I sold her in the BVI. She eventually developed the most terrible osmosis. The new owner had facilites in Florida and was confidant he could fix her. I had tried with a yard in Connecticutt, at great cost, and the fix had failed. Next wallet. I saw her again in Red Hook in 2012 with yet another owner (and another wallet) and she look absolutely superb.