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Sweet Omuramba

A Swan 43, designed By Sparkman and Stevens in New York and built by Nautor in 1972 in a yard just short of the Arctic Circle, in Jakobstad (Pietarsaari), Finland. This is the previous owner (Brent Sender) on board just off Cape Town. After I bought Omuramba I raced her for a year, then sailed her to the Caribbean, then on to New York, then back to the Caribbean, then back to NY, then up and down several times. Finally, she developed the most terrible osmosis. I sold her to an enthusiast in the BVI. He had facilites in Florida and was confidant he could fix her. I'd tried once with a yard in Connecticutt, at great cost, and the fix had failed. Next wallet. I saw her again in Red Hook in 2012 with yet another owner (and yet another wallet) and she looked absolutely superb.