✍peter heath✉
Peter Heath

BSA Super Rocket

Now this was a really fast bike, and it smelled like it. I put vegetable oil in the crankcase and ran it on Union Spirits (made from sugar cane). A lively 650cc engine (the biggest you could get in those days) with a ground head to increase the compression. It had a nice tone to it, albeit a bit on the noisy side. I thought it was safer that way. People could hear me coming. This is actually the first bike I came unstuck on. Lying down into a bend on Durban Esplanade I hit a sand patch and skidded towards the kerb on the crash bars. I managed to get my leg out and rode the bike holding the crash bars. As we hit the kerb I jumped and sailed between a lighting pole and a guy wire and landed in some bushes.
A soft landing.
The bike started.
I rode away.