peter heath
Peter Heath

the Roxette shoot

It was a first of two for Per and Marie of Roxette. We made the clips back-to-back and we put them on the map. See one of them right here. It's at the end of the reel so you might have to fast-forward it. We shot Roxette on a small stage in Manhattan we but generally shot all over the place. LA (a whole bunch), London (Power Station), Vegas (Anne Murray). In fact we shot anywhere anyone wanted. I lost a lot of my reels when my boat sank in Sint Maarten but there's a fair amount on the web and I've linked to a lot of them. Look under the 'Clips' menu at the top. They're not all my final cuts and the record companies have screwed around with a lot of them but you'll get the idea. BTW if anyone reading knows the whereabouts of any reels with my stuff please email me.